WebEOC is a web-based information management system that provides a single access point for the collection and circulation of emergency or event-related information.

Information Management

Personnel can keep track of files, contact information, plans, procedures and compliance reports. WebEOC makes it simple to access important resources to enhance your emergency preparedness initiatives, keeping your organization primed to manage events of any size.

Resource & Task Management

WebEOC allows for resource requests and task assignments to be submitted in the field via mobile device or in the EOC. The received requests can then be routed to the appropriate position, allowing staff to manage all related activity. During daily operations, WebEOC also allows for the management of non-emergency tasks and requests.

Contact Information

For technical help email helpdesk@ema.alabama.gov


WebEOC Home Screen Shortcut

To create a shortcut for your device, please click here. It will explain step-by-step how this shortcut is created.

Training Website

To access the Alabama’s Training Website please click the link below.

WebEOC Training Site


Alabama WebEOC
Alabama WebEOC


WebEOC User Guide


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